Tuesday, 30 September 2014

September 30: Why must I sit dispassionate?

Why must I sit dispassionate, when I so clearly feel the pain
As you read your words aloud, the tears they well again
But I cannot show emotion, I cannot down my guard
In a moment I must rise again, you've no idea how hard

It is for me to do this, I’m not made of stone or wood
I would join you in your grieving, deep down I feel I should
But dispassionate I must remain, when I get up to address
My words are strong and full of force, but inside I am a mess

It’s not your pain I'm stealing, but my feelings are for you
I put myself in this place, doing what it is I do
Every time it's different, but this one grabbed me deep
I wish you well as you go on, and for the memories that I’ll keep

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