Friday, 5 September 2014

September 5: There's a gum tree out in our front yard ...

There’s a gum tree out in our front yard that’s bursting into flower
As the Cocky’s pick it twig from twig, hour after hour
The ground below is littered, with remnants of our tree
Those large white birds with yellow crests, they are a sight to see

They sit there safe in numbers, camouflaged from sight
The yellow peaks meld with the flowers, their feathers crispy white
Squawking, talking, as they pick, what is their conversation
As they denude my favourite tree, to my increasing agitation

There’s no point calling out to them, they know they’re safe up high
And even if they do depart, back to the tree they’ll fly
Continuing their pruning, as the strip the gum of flowers
And I sit out on my balcony, watching, hour after hour

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