Monday, 8 September 2014

September 8: Hey there Mr. Pedophile ...

Hey there Mr. Pedophile, come and play a while with me
Coz I’ve got this Indictment, where your name is clear to see
Sit a while, just over there, just on that wooden bench
Not too close, please understand, I cannot stand the stench

I’ve just got this tale to tell, just hang about a second
As I bring in your younger friends, each boy he will be beckoned
Just listen while each tells us, just how his trust you killed
Just listen while he tells us, how your perverted wants he filled

But let the jury now decide whether your conduct is depraved
Lucky some young boys spoke up, many more were saved
It won’t be long I’m guessing, before your fate is sealed
And your life in segregation starts, and other lives are healed

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