Monday, 1 September 2014

September 1: Back to the pool ...

Today I did some swimming, the first time for a while
It felt so very, very good and it made me want to smile
But the water it was tepid and the taste was very bad
So I kept my mouth firmly shut, and on the inside I was glad

Lap after lap I swam away, I kept swimming for a while
And the more I kept on swimming, the more my dial did smile
Then there came a problem, I just had to get out
Cause the grinning it was bringing too much water to my mouth

I did so many laps today that now I think I'm dead
And I could have died just smiling, with water filling up my head
But come tomorrow I will know when my arms they are on fire
That I should have smiled much earlier, and I would have stayed much drier

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