Sunday, 21 September 2014

September 21: Dementia's got another one ...

Dementia’s got another; Malcolm Young cannot remember
What he did just yesterday, much less back in September
A rock and roller all his life, a founder of that band
That some of us grew up with, though we’ll never understand

Angus he’s the younger, been a schoolboy all his years
But Malcolm he won’t understand, while Angus sheds his tears
They’ve rocked and rolled with millions, hits made by the score
It’s sad to say but it is true, not with Malcolm any more

Forty years of music, he’s played on every stage
Not long clocked up sixty, it gets us all that thing called age
We’ll miss him like a brother, we are saddened by his fate
And the schoolboy will continue, though without his closest mate

It is so sad, but he’s not alone, others will share his world
No-one knows what life serves up, how your flag will be unfurled
But for AC/DC we all hold a flame, and I’ll make with you a bet
Like Bowie, Chisel and the Stones, that band we won’t forget

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