Monday, 31 March 2014

March 31: Stealing cars in Brisbane ...

We stole a red ute and went for a spin
When the coppers they chased us, we didn’t give in
We drove on the footpath, up the street the wrong way
Filled with our booty, stolen earlier that day

I don’t have a license, haven’t done any courses
But I really love cars that have plenty of horses
I like it more better if the car looks real cool
And love it the best if someone else gets the fuel

I stole a few purses from some elderly folk
But I call it a gift ‘cause I’m a bloody nice bloke
They sure won’t need it where going soon
So I ripped off their money and took off like a hoon

So come on you coppers, chase me down the street
Oh, I’m on the wrong side, this game is so neat
As coppers on bikes they chase us round the block
The dog squad's here as well, this is such a crock

I've run over some spikes, there’s no air in my tyres
I’d better keep running now the car has expired
Into someone’s yard I’m running like mad
If the coppers they catch me, this all will turn bad

Oh dear there’s a dog chasing me close behind
Off to court I will go, where I’ll be let go and fined
I’ll head back to Brissy, and get another free ride
Can I go straight, I don’t know, I’ve not tried

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