Saturday, 29 March 2014

March 29: A quiet Saturday evening ...

As I sit on my balcony, pondering my plight
I watch as the sun slips slowly from sight
It slides down the sky until it’s no longer there
And as day turns to dusk, I lean back in my chair

I’m hearing the noises as the birds they fly home
Exploring all day, all over they roam
Soon it will be quiet, the sky will be dark
And the next thing I'll hear is the dogs as they bark

In the leaves I see movement, as they're caught by the breeze
It moves like a blanket, thrown over the trees
But then it is gone, just as fast as it came
And the trees again still, and the sky’s now a flame

The reds and the blues, they meld together as one
If the clouds are the canvas, then the paint is the sun
When the colours they darken, they fade from my view
Then the sun is it gone, and the darkness streams through

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